I *heart* Jamie Oliver

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Beets make me pee red

We wanted a light lunch today, so I decided to utilize some beets I’d made yesterday.

Beets are kinda scary, because they’re awfully messy, but both C and I think they’re DELICIOUS! Though, we have learned that small children should probably only be feed yellow beets until they’re…oh, say 32 (they stain).

I’ve discovered the easiest way to cook beets:

Rinse them in water, dump them unceremoniously in a baking vessel of some sort (I tend to like a pie dish), add about half an inch of water, cover the whole thing with foil, whack that bad boy into the oven (on 350°F) for like, an hour or so – or until you pick the kids up from school. The beets are done when a knife slides in and out very easily from their middles. BEWARE – when you open the foil the steam billows & it’s hot. Leave the beets until they’re cool, then grab a wad of paper towels or a kitchen towel you don’t mind getting stained. Hold the beet with one hand and use a different paper towel/kitchen towel to rub the skin off the beet. It should peel off and astound you with the ease with which it does so. BEWARE #2 – don’t wear anything you don’t mind staining while doing this. Also, the juice will only stain your hands for a few hours. Don’t stress.

If you’re going to use the beets right here and now – have at them.

I shoved mine in a plastic tupperware thingie and into the fridge they went.

Today, I pulled them out, sliced the relatively thinly, then spread them slices out on a plate. I sprinkled them with 2T of Gorgonzola crumbles, threw on some chopped pecans for texture, tossed on a few clementine segments for a hint of sweetness/acidity, then drizzled everything with some good olive oil. Oh and a teensy little bit of smoked sea salt.

Can you hear me clapping?

The artistic shot

The artistic shot

Roasted Beet Salad with Gorgonzola, Pecans and Citrus

By Me – Inspired by a meal I had in NYC’s East Village, like a million years ago

Printable Recipe HERE


Roasted Beets, peeled, sliced thinly, chilled – 1 per person. The size I buy them is a little bit bigger than a clenched fist. Make sure that they’re hard and not rubbery when you peruse them at the store. They will last a few days longer on your counter until you’re ready to cook them.

2T Gorgonzola per person **Any strong cheese would be totally fine here.

1-3t of Nuts, toasted and then chopped **I used Pecans, but the original salad had hazelnuts. I think they were candied too. But let’s not get carried away here! ***I think I forgot to toast my nuts today. You should toast your nuts. Waaaay better tasting.

Citrus segments – If possible, supreme them. It’s soooooo much prettier. Watch THIS chef do it to learn how (or google it yourself). Today I used a clementine. A grapefruit would’ve been better. Stronger/bolder flavor to balance the strong Gorgonzola.

Olive Oil to drizzle on top **This is where you use your Fancy Shmancy Olive Oil.

Sea Salt **I used some Smoked Falksalt – seriously, smoked sea salt is a new thing and THESE guys rock the freakin’ boat.

Not just for Goat Cheese anymore!

Not just for Goat Cheese anymore!

How To:

1- If you’ve not done so, please roast your lovely beets now (washed veg + baking vessel + water , then covered in foil > 350°F oven for 1+ hours). Let cool, then peel, then slice.

2- Spread said beets on a plate. Pretend you’re a fancy chef and get your decoration skills on.

3- Sprinkle on the cheese.

4- Time to add pieces of nuts. If you’re planning on toasting them you can see how to HERE. *wink*

5- Scatter citrus prettily. Yes you can. I believe in you.

6- Drizzle with oil.

7- Time for salt! Seriously, if you have some fancy-pants salt in your pantry – HERE is where you should use it. *swoon*



The beets were GREAT with the Gorgonzola. Supremed citrus would’ve been better, as would toasted and/or candied nuts, but for a throw-together kinda light lunch, this was easy, FAST (because I already had beets made), and quite nice.

Plus, they make you pee red. *grin*


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