Pok Pok the Drinking Food of Thailand by Andy Ricker with JJ Goode

Pok Pok book imagePok Pok the Drinking Food of Thailand by Andy Ricker with JJ Goode

I’ve been hearing about Pok Pok for years now – I remember hearing about the restaurant being opened and everyone going nuts about it.  I’ve not tried Andy Ricker’s food or read any other of his writings – when I saw this book being offered at BloggingForBooks I jumped at the opportunity!

I loved the intro – illuminating and engaging.  It really made me interested in reading further.

I looked through the book for the first time, looking at the recipes, seeing what I would want to start with, being so excited to delve into this…and to be honest, even though the book is marketed as being simple drinking food, I found the ingredient list and the processes daunting.

Maybe if I had a lot of experience with drinking throughout Thailand, or perhaps WITH a bunch of Southeast Asians this would be easy for me to understand and incorporate into my repertoire…but I just found it hard to understand how to make these recipes.

As a side note – I would give this as a gift to someone looking for a unique cookbook and definitely someone that’s into drinking foods!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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