A Modern Way To Eat – By Anna Jones

Cover art

I was delighted by this cookbook, which is less of a set of ingredients and instructions, more of a narrative glimpse into how this author cooks. She looks at ingredients on hand, chooses a cooking method, then looks at what will balance it both in texture and in flavor.
She breaks down her ‘recipes’ into accessible chunks, explaining that all ingredients are swappable (often giving you a gazillion options, including seasonal varietals and vegan). She also details recipes in terms of TIME AVAILABLE.
The cookbook author used to be Jamie Oliver’s assistant and learned MANY tricks of the trade by working alongside him – including how he taught her the need for minimal usage of pots and pans!
This cookbook is not for the beginner, nor for one who needs a regimented set of cooking rules. This cookbook is loose, free-form to a degree, highly accessible for one who wants to cook beyond the standard rules of cooking. She has gotten me to look at INGREDIENTS instead of END RESULTS.


I was given the opportunity to review this book by Bloggingforbooks.com


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