Citrus – by Valerie Aikman-Smith & Victoria Pearson

Citrus by Valerie Aikman-Smith & Victoria Pearson


What a wonderful book! The recipes are clear and easy to follow. The photographs make me HUNGRY and curious at the same time! I often explore random grocery shops and come across interesting vegetables and fruits – now I know what to do with a Buddha’s Hand and I am equipped with several Kumquat recipes. So cool!

I really appreciate offering both sweet and savory options – the lentil soup is SO GOOD.
I’m not great at planning ahead for recipes and making things like preserved limes or lemons – this cookbook has a refrigerator recipe that is quick and simple enough even for a lazybones like ME to try!

I recommend this book with all kinds of citrusy joy!
I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.