Maple Dijon Vina-wha??

I was gonna write this whole big long lengthy lecture about Rutabagas and the Beef Stew I made for dinner last night. Instead: Here are quick photos. Maybe next time I’ll give more details. 1) The Rutabaga Gallery. Aren’t they just … Continue reading

Green Beans can substitute for Lentils, right?

So last night I decided to make Martha Stewart’s Mustard-Glazed Salmon with Lentils (Everyday Food, Nov. 2012, p.74). Except, I didn’t have canned lentils or grainy mustard. I figured Dijon is a spicy mustard, so I’ll use that.  Oh, and … Continue reading

Grown Up Grilled Cheese for lunch

Now, I’m not one of those people that die – DIE, I tell you! – for grilled cheese sandwiches.  They’re nice, but they’re not my thing. C, E, and the babies LURV them though. So I’m over ruled.  I have learned … Continue reading