Garlic Pasta with Crunchy Beans and Homegrown Tomatoes and a Fab Bean Dip

I was hungry and C was still napping so I decided to make a Bean Dip. Easy Peasy. 2 Cans of beans + stuff = dip.  Yup.  It’s almost that easy. J would stop asking for more and started crying … Continue reading

How do I deal with a Hurricane? I cook.

Yup. I have to be away from C and the babies in order to work these few days.  This *SUCKS*. How am I dealing with the I’m-away-from-my-family feeling especially during a HURRICANE?? I’m cooking. C is holding down the fort with … Continue reading

*sigh* I tried to make Pad Thai.

Two days ago I attempted Pad Thai. I overcooked the noodles, used too much sauce and – in an attempt to appease my non-Bok-Choy-loving husband – I roasted the Bok Choy.  I roasted it because roasting transforms vegetables from mundane … Continue reading