Knish Knasserole

Growing up, every gathering seemed to have a Blintz Soufflé on the table. I don’t know if this was something popular just in the Midwest, just in Jewish households, or simply it was something my mother liked to do. Did … Continue reading

How do I deal with a Hurricane? I cook.

Yup. I have to be away from C and the babies in order to work these few days.  This *SUCKS*. How am I dealing with the I’m-away-from-my-family feeling especially during a HURRICANE?? I’m cooking. C is holding down the fort with … Continue reading

Ga Kho (Vietnamese Caramelized Chicken) – except with Tofu

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For dinner tonight I’m making Vietnamese Caramelized Tofu from this recipe.  C lives firmly in the MEAT-IS-GOOD camp and it’s a little bit of a stretch to get him to eat (much less enjoy) Tofu.  THANK GOODNESS he’s been a … Continue reading