Candied Jalapeños? Yes. I smoke crack. v2

WHY? you ask. WHY would anyone want to Candy Jalapeños?

a) I wanted to make a fun and unique food gift for my sisters and some friends that I’ll be seeing this weekend.

b) I decided to try candying something spicy. …Ok, I had jalapeños in the fridge to use up. You caught me.

Funny thing – I couldn’t find a candied jalapeño recipe that I found interesting. Most recipes I found via Google are all the same – and totally complicated. I wanted simple simple simple – because: I.Lazy.

I was already gonna candy some whole-slices of Meyer Lemons to dip in chocolate. So the candying was already gonna be happening. Why not do a little sweet/spicy combo?

I passed this idea by C and he shook his head. “Nuh Uh,” he said. “You’re not taking those lemon slices with you on your trip. You’re leaving those little beauties here, with me, so when the babies go crazy I’ll have something to console myself with.”

Who knew I'd like these so much?

Who knew I’d like these so much?

So I decided to candy my de-seeded jalapeños the same way I candy my citrus: sliced thinly and simmered in a simple syrup for about an hour and a half. I had a saucepan of each bubbling away on the stove last night.

When they were done I laid the slices and strips out on a cooling rack set over a baking sheet lined with wax paper (you need it for the clean up) and let them dry overnight.

As of about an hour ago the jalapeños were totally dry and OH MY GOODNESS they’re amazing. There’s a little heat balanced by the sugariness – WOW these are good.

Just a little heat

Just a little heat

The lemons are still sticky, so I think dipping them in chocolate is probably not gonna happen.

C was totally fine with that. I think he’s mostly just happy that I didn’t argue with him and he does, indeed, get to keep the lemon slices as a treat for himself.

Whole mess of spicy sweetness

Whole mess of spicy sweetness




7 thoughts on “Candied Jalapeños? Yes. I smoke crack. v2

  1. This is exactly what I’m talking. These look amazing!! Here at Food or Foe, we are trying to do stuff like this. Seeing what new – wacky – flavour combinations and dishes we can come up with. Looks like you’re beating us to it at the moment! Well done!

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