*cough cough*

I’m coughing my brains out.  I told C this morning that maybe I can count this as exercise?  I’m feelin’ the Abs of STEEEEEEEL!

*cough cough*

I went grocery shopping today, so for dinner tonight I wanted to use up stuff in the fridge and off the counter.  Roasted Acorn Squash with Butter and Brown Sugar alongside Chicken and Roasted Vegetable turnovers.

I made those by defrosting a sheet of puff pastry, rolling that out and then dividing it into 4 squares.  I shmeared each square with some Tofutti Cream Cheese*, topped with a couple of sweet cloves of confit’d garlic, some leftover roasted veg (carrots, beans and butternut squash) and then some leftover chicken breasts I shredded into bite-sized bits.  Wrapped the whole thing up in a pretty little bundle, flipped them over and gave them a little egg wash (egg + garlic oil) and then whacked the pan in a 400°  for 30 minutes.  I had already put the acorn squash (cut in 1/2, seeds scooped out, cut side down on a baking sheet) in the oven when I turned it on.

Dinner Plate!


Here’s the rundown: I thought it was a stellar dinner! I ate my turnover and 3/4 of a 2nd one.  C thought it was good, but the cream cheese was superflous (ate only 1).  R ate most of my Squash and J had… Cheerios for dinner.  *sigh*  Can’t win them all.  At least they ate something.

*I used Tofutti cream cheese because: a) it seems like most savory turnover recipes include some sort of melty cheese and b) we were having a meat meal, which necessitates the use of non-dairy cheese substitutes.  You can now go Google Kosher Definition, read my meMeme page, or just nod your head and keep reading.

Pre-Butter & Brown Sugar

Roasted Acorn Squash with Butter and Brown Sugar By Me

Printable Recipe HERE

Dairy-FREE (if using margarine), GLUTEN-FREE


1 Acorn squash

1T Butter (I used Earth’s Best Margarine)

1T Brown Sugar

How To:

1- Oven at 400°

2- Cut squash in 1/2, scoop out seeds.

3- Put squash cut side down and bake for about 30 minutes, til skin can easily be pierced with a sharp knife.

4- Flip over, add 1/2T butter/margarine in each half.  Add 1/2T brown sugar in each half (1T total).  Heat of squash will melt butter and brown sugar.

5- Serve!

Oooooh these were good!

Chicken and Roasted Vegetable Turnovers by Me

Printable Recipe HERE

Dairy-FREE (If using non-dairy cream cheese)


1 Sheet Puff Pastry, thawed

4T Cream Cheese, divided (I used Tofutti Cream cheese)

8 Cloves Garlic from the Garlic Confit (totally optional)

1-2C leftover Roasted Vegetables (today I had on hand: beans, carrots and butternut squash)

1-1/2 leftover Chicken Breast, shredded into little bite-sized bits

1 egg + some Garlic Confit oil (totally optional)

How To:

1- Oven at 400°.  Roll out the Puff Pastry into a large square, cut into quarters

2- Shmear 1T cream cheese per square.  Top with 2 cloves Garlic Confit (if using)

3- Mound on 1/4 of veg and 1/4 chicken.  Wash your greasy hands off.

4- Wrap the pastry up around the filling, flip it over so the seam is on the bottom.

5- Brush with egg wash, make little slits in the top.

6- Pop into hot oven for 30 minutes.

Can you smell my joy?

7- Don’t burn your mouth!


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