*WHY* did I think it was a good idea to make Jello??

Yesterday I was on a rampage.

I was tearing through the house yelling and cleaning – all at the same time. You ever get like that? Where NOTHING is tidy and EVERYTHING is in. the. wrong. place!!!

In the midsts of my clearance-of-all-clutter I *stupidly* decided it was a very good idea to make Jello.

Please do not ask me why.

And striped Jello at that.


I took two small boxes each of green, yellow, orange and red Jellos packets and boiled a heck of a lot of water.

That was STUPID THING #2.

Please note – when you’re making striped jello, EACH layer needs to cool for at least 3 hours in the fridge. Hence, boiling a butt-load of water is stupid stupid stupid. Boil just over 2 cups of water at a time.

I made the jello über thick so that babies would be able to use their fingers while eating and not get too frustrated by the process. I modified the Jiggler recipe on the side of the Jello box – it said to use 2 1/2 cups of water for every two boxes. I used 2 and called it a day. Here’s a link to the recipe.

I opened two boxes of green jello into a mixing bowl and then poured 2 cups of boiling water over it. Stirred until the gelatin was dissolved and then poured layer #1 into a covered dish and whacked that bad boy into the fridge.

Hours and hours later I made the yellow layer. Then the orange and finally the red. Pretty pretty!

Pretty Pretty!

Pretty Pretty!

Rainbow Jello by Jello

Printable Recipe HERE

Dairy-FREE, Gluten-FREE, and Toddler-APPROVED


2 small boxes or 1 large box each of every color you plan on using (i.e. 2 small boxes of green, 1 large box of yellow, 2 small boxes of orange, etc.)

2 cups of water for every layer of Jello.

How To:

1- Boil 2+ cups of water. Open your boxes of Jello into a mixing bowl.

2- Pour your boiling water over your gelatin – do NOT make the same mistake that I did and add the gelatin to the boiling water. Mixing it this way is a PAIN IN THE BUTT.

3- Stir until everything is dissolved and then pour slowly (to avoid splashing) into a high-sided container with a lid. **I used a pyrex with a cover.

4- Refrigerate for at least 3 hours, until firm.

5- Repeat with the next color for Layers 2-…? Up to you.

6- Enjoy!



End Result:

Babies gobbled it up and C had seconds.

I decided to just take a taste of C’s and he looked at me like I was crazy.

“Let me guess,” he said. “It tastes like Jello”.



4 thoughts on “*WHY* did I think it was a good idea to make Jello??

  1. Looks nice and colourful, never tried it, and sure jello makes sense in the midst of chaos, so does ice cream , cakes , cookies …:)

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