Ploughman’s Lunch: Plough as in Dough or as in Plow??

Fairway grocery store is DELICIOUSLY evil.

I was seriously walking through the store MOWING DOWN on a very fresh baguette. I got a few *choice* stares from other shoppers. Probably because WHO CAN BE SILENT as they chew fresh bread???

I picked up an apple, some cheeses, a baguette and a six-pack of cider.

A glorious lunch, if I do say so myself.

In England they call this a Ploughman’s Lunch.

Um…how do you pronounce that? I thought it was plow-man’s…but it’s spelled differently than I would think. Should this be plough like dough??



English is haaaaaard. Uh oh. Now I sound like Jim Gaffigan.


Anyway, so the bread I DIDN’T  eat out of the bag at the grocery story was the focal point of our lunch today. It was like a picnic at the kitchen table.

I sliced up the apple, I unwrapped all the cheeses and laid them out on a plate, I opened the ciders…simplicity in and of itself.

With good quality ingredients like these – who needs complications??

Fresh bread and sliced apples

(please try to ignore the sippy cup in the background)

Ploughman’s Lunch (our version) by Me

Printable Recipe HERE


1 loaf Baguette – the fresher the better!

1 Green Apple – you need a good tart crunchy apple to balance the creaminess and richness of the cheeses.

A Variety of Cheeses **Today we had Smoked Gouda, Mozzarella Balls, Blue Cheese (I think it was a domestic version of roquefort), and a Peppadew Pepper embedded Cheddar.

Beer or Cider **We had Woodchuck Cider.

Good Chocolate for dessert **We had a bar of Vanilla Smoke from Mast Brothers Chocolates in Brooklyn.

Cheese Selection

Cheese Selection

Cheese Selection turned right side up!

Cheese Selection turned right side up! (I think you can read the labels easier this way…)

How To:

1- Slice apple thinly.

2- Unwrap cheeses.

3- Clear off the kitchen table.

4- Shovel deliciousness into your mouth and make ooooooh-ing noises as you chew.

5- Try to allow your husband to eat some of the food as well.




Note to self:

Incorporate more cheeses and ciders into my life.

Oh, and fresh bread. Fresh bread is sooooooooo goooooooood.


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