You should check the bagels first…

C thinks this is a lousy photo. I kinda think it looks artistic.

C thinks this is a lousy photo. I kinda think it looks artistic.

So I decided to make pizza bagels for lunch.

Now, the back story: Every time we buy bagels we somehow up end up with too many and I, inevitably, shove the leftovers into the freezer to use ‘another day’. So when I pulled the almost-obscured-by-frost bag o’ bagels from the depths of the freezer today, I had no idea what bagels I had on hand. Absolutely no idea. We usually get our standards: Sesame (E and I), Plain (babies) and Well-Done Onion(C), so I didn’t even think about what I was defrosting on the counter.

Not even when I toasted them.

Not even when I smeared them with sauce, topped them with shredded cheese and then whacked them back into the toaster again.


Can you tell where this is going?


I forgot about the French Toast Bagel.


Anyway, this was the babies’ first time having pizza bagels. I don’t think they minded the bagel options at all. In fact, I am pleased to say that this meal was TOTALLY Toddler-Approved. French Toast Bagels and all.

Cheese = Joy

Cheese = Joy

Pizza Bagels by Me

Printable Recipe HERE



1 Bagel, sliced open

2 Tablespoons Pasta Sauce **I used jarred Marinara today.

Shredded Cheese to cover **I used about 2 handfuls of pre-shredded mozzarella today.

How To:

1- My kids like chewy bagels-bordering on crunchy, so I double toast them: Once to get the bagels all toasted, then I smear them with sauce (about 1 Tablespoon per half bagel) and top with a handful of shredded cheese.

2- I then toast them a second time to melt the cheese.

I’m glad I made an extra half for me. I like pizza bagels too. *grin*


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