You can’t sneak an onion by a 7yr old

She totally ate the tuna yesterday – no questions asked. Today? Nuh uh. She tried to pick out all the minuscule little onion bits and pile them neatly on her napkin. Mind you – I totally included celery too. I can’t stand celery but E does, so I included it as a disguise. Nope. No doing. She saw through the ruse.


Well *I* liked it

Well *I* liked it

Springtime Tuna adapted from America’s Test Kitchen

Printable Recipe HERE


6 5oz. cans of Tuna packed in water, drained

1 cup Mayo

2 ribs Celery, chopped fine

1/4 cup Red Onion, minced **Omit if feeding any 7 year olds

1/4 cup Sweet Relish

1/4 cup Parsley

3 Tablespoons Lemon Juice

1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1 clove Garlic, minced

1/2 Granny Smith Apple, chopped in small cubes

1/3 cup Golden Raisins



How To:

1- The trick to this tuna is drying out the tuna after you drain it. I dump it out into paper towels, then squeeze it. Then I squeeze it again through my hands. I dump the now-dry tuna into a medium sized bowl. Everything else goes into the bowl too. Then mix it up and serve. I think it tastes better if it has a chance to sit and meld a bit, but feel free to eat it with a spoon straight outta the bowl.

Crunchy, sweet, Tuna-y

Crunchy, sweet, Tuna-y


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