OMG. Roasted **CHERRIES**

I squealed.

No no, seriously – I skaaaa-wheeeeeeeled with joy when I tasted one of these bad boys.

Okay – back story:

Last week we went on a road trip for business and I loaded an ENTIRE tub of freshly washed cherries to snack on. I promptly forgot about said cherries for the three days and when I unloaded them from the car around midnight on Fri night, it was…manky smelling.

Instead of listening to C and just pitching the lot, I threw out the yucky ones, rinsed off the good ones, and laid them out on a Silpat to dry overnight. In the morning I popped the sheet pan into the oven (I think it was 350ºF) and walked away. Actually, I set the timer for 30 min, and then I walked away.

I remember smelling something burning about *ahem* 40 minutes later and RUSHED into the kitchen to remove said pan from the hotbox.

Luckily, the cherries had shriveled their sweet sweet goodness into morsels of dark chewy joy, not a lump of black crap (which is precisely what my blueberries did. Did I mention that I tried to roast them too? No? Ok. Now you know).

So I snatched the hot pan outta the oven, bemoaned my sense of time, and then off-loaded my un-burnt cherries onto a pretty plate.

I let everything cool while I prepped the twins’ breakfast – did I mention that this happened BEFORE breakfast? I’m a little nutso-crazypants in the mornings.

After the twins were seated and snarfing their b-fast, I grabbed some plain yogurt, sliced up a mango, and topped the bowl with my cherries.

I nearly *SWOONED* on the spot.

Except for the pits.

I shoulda removed the pits first.

Choking hazard.

Yes. I learned that the hard way.


God Bless Roasted Fruit.


*clapping LOUDLY*

*clapping LOUDLY*


Printable Recipe HERE


2lbs of Cherries *Do as I say, not as I do: Pit these suckers

(*Clapping Hands) Optional



How To:

1- Oven to 350ºF.

2- Rinse and dry your cherries. PIT THEM PLEASE. I left mine whole, but you could try slicing them too… Let me know how that goes?

3- Lay out your cherries on a silpat, some parchment paper or whatever you generally use. I wouldn’t try to grease a cookie sheet because the added grease might be funky on your cherriliciousness. But if you wanna try it – Go for it! Just let me know after how it turned out, okay? Good.

4- Roast for 25-35minutes, until the cherries are shriveled and look like oversized raisins.

5- Let them cool for 10+ minutes, if you can handle it. ENJOY!

A bit o' Mango down below

A bit o’ Mango down below

C liked them too.

The four I allowed him to have.



Can you imagine a roasted cherry MARTINI??

How about topping a fresh white cake that’s slathered with vanilla frosting with several several handfuls of these beauties??

Over Vanilla ICE CREAM?

Hot roasted cherries over frozen hard creamy melty goodness??

Again: I swoon.

(C just rolled his eyes at me)


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