A Neighbor’s Birthday Gift

I made chocolate covered marshmallows for a neighbor’s birthday.

I dipped marshmallows in colored chocolate.

I was using up all the odds and ends of colored chocolate I had leftover in the freezer and thought, gee, wouldn’t these look extra pretty if I then dipped some in sprinkles?  So I did.

I dipped the chocolate covered marshmallows in sprinkles for fun.

I laid them out on a pretty tray and waltzed across the street with my goodies.  In between the raindrops.  I am magical like that.

**Story behind dipping: Last holiday season, as I was preparing to make cookies for the garbagemen and mailmen and all sorts of wonderful people in our neighborhood, our oven died.  D.I.E.D.  Diiiiiieeeeed.  Big big suckage.  The stove still worked, I had a bag of chocolate chips and a bag of animal crackers on hand. Last minute necessity ingenuity led me to creating baggies of chocolate covered animal crackers.  THOSE were such a big hit that the garbagemen STILL bring our cans back up the driveway for us.  Nice nice men.  *grin*


Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows by Me

Printable Recipe HERE

(Are marshmallows Gluten-FREE??)


1 dozen Marshmallows

1 cup Candy Melts or Chocolate Chips  **Feel free to use as much as you’d like! This is a good place to start though.

1 dozen Lollipop sticks (I’ve bought them at MichaelsAC Moore and at PartyCity…so you can pretty much buy them anywhere)


How To:

1- Line a baking sheet with some foil. Spear your marshmallows with your lollipop sticks. **Yes. I have been known to sub-in unused chopsticks here.  *wink*

2- Either use a double boiler or the microwave to melt your chocolates/candy melts. Lately I’ve been using the micro-slave to nuke the candy melts; Use half power and do the melting in short spurts (like a :30 or a minute at a time. Stir frequently. When the stuff is all melty and drippy, you’re ready.

3- Dip your marshmallows in your mug o’ chocolate. Use a spoon or a fork to help coat the marshmallow. Tap the stick on the side of the mug a few times, to help the excess drop off. Stand the marshmallow up on the foil and grab your next one. If you don’t operate fast enough the chocolate will cool and you’ll need to reheat – again, make sure it’s on half power! OF COURSE, if you’re using a double boiler – don’t bother. It’ll still be awesomely melty.

4- If you want to you can double dip the marshmallow treat. You can also dip the marshmallow into sprinkles before it hardens. That’s all sorts of happy fun.



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