Thank you Mr. Mailman!

Today I made Thank You gifts for the Mailman, the Sanitation Guys, and my two Secret Snowflakes at work. I’m a HUGE fan of the homemade gift. I think the time and energy that goes into making something says a lot about how much you value the gift and the giftee. C just shakes his head at me, laughs and says, “You’re cheap.” *sigh*

I made chocolate dipped candy canes, rolled in coconut.

C said they “Look like Christmas.”

I also made some chocolate dipped marshmallows to serve at our Belated (upcoming) Channukah Party.

Chocolate Dipped Things by Me

Printable Recipe HERE


1 bag of Candy Melts or chocolate chips, really you can use anything that melts well.

Things to dip

How To:

1- I prefer to melt the chocolate or candy melts in a double boiler – I fill a small saucepan halfway with water, then put it over a high heat until it comes to a high simmer. Then I turn it to low and put a large metal mixing bowl over it. I add the chocolate to the bowl – MAKE SURE THE BOWL IS COMPLETELY DRY, otherwise the choc will seize and that will make you/me cry.

2- Stir the chocolate to ensure it melts.

3- If you’re using marshmallows you’ll need to shove a lollipop stick or toothpick or something in them to use as a handle while you dip away. If you’re dipping cookies or candycanes you’ll either hold the cookies in your hands and dip them or you can try using forks. I have no luck with the fork method. Everyone else in the whole wide world seems able to dip things using forks. *sigh*

4- When the chocolate is melted – dip away! I prefer to set the dipped things on aluminum foil lined baking sheets (easy to maneuver around the kitchen). I leave them for at least an hour until the chocolate hardens. I’ve piled goodies in special treat bags, in ziplocs, in tinfoil wrapped packets. Use whatever food safe container you have on hand. Or go buy stuff. Buying stuff can be fun. Especially if you have a coupon. I digress. Serving them on a plate works well too. Just try not to eat them all yourself. Try is the operative word.


Piled into cellophane bags and tied with a pretty ribbon

Piled into cellophane bags and tied with a pretty ribbon


One thought on “Thank you Mr. Mailman!

  1. Try a cooling rack or parchment paper or waxed paper to cool your goodies. Never could use the forks either. Maybe tongs would work…

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